Imagine not having to travel and still getting the job done right.

Service businesses face travel costs to get experienced service personnel on-site. With VIPAAR's mobile video platform for field service, service experts can interactively assist personnel or end-customers from anywhere. Allow one service expert to support up to 3x more job sites, and drastically reduce travel costs.

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Why an integrated mobile video platform is better.

How most video tools work:

  • One size, fits all
    Most mobile video solutions are designed for video meetings, not mission-critical use in the field. This means you won't find the features you need to get up and going quickly and reap consistent benefits.

  • Only face-to-face chat
    Face-to-face video chat is usually enough for video meetings, but isn't the right solution when a task is involved. Attempting to help someone over face-to-face video or telephone wastes precious time in the field.

  • Unhelpful or no analytics
    Since most video solutions are designed for meetings, they don't offer the analytics needed to track how metrics like first-time-fix rate and time to resolution change over time.

How VIPAAR's platform works:

  • Optimized for service businesses
    Our solution is the only mobile video platform designed from the bottom up for service oganizations. Our team works with you to develop a tailored Plan for Success that focuses on the metrics you want to improve.

  • Virtual interaction + LiveDraw
    VIPAAR's platform allows interactive assistance for personnel or customers in the field. Our ImageCombine technology allows an expert to assist naturally by using his hands or tools, as well as to telestrate in real-time.

  • Detailed, service-focused analytics suite
    When we designed our analytics platform, we had a singular focus in mind: helping service organizations see how mobile video benefits their business. We work with you to develop custom metrics that you care about, too.

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